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Vacation Seam Ripper

I love my sisters. I have two of them. One of them is married and used to live right across the street from me. We’d have dinners together, go to the pool together, and borrow clothes from each other. The latter was something that happened quite often.


Right before my husband and I left for vacation I went to her place to stack up on some clothes I could take with me. This was probably be one of the last times I walk across the street to rummage through her closet. 😦


I ended up borrowing a cute pair of J.Crew plaid shorts. I put them on this week and noticed that the pockets were stitched close. Jill, how could you go on with life and have the pockets closed?!


I took matters into my own hands. I needed those pockets to be open to carry the one bobby pin I always carry incase my bangs get out of control.


I did not travel with a seam ripper. I had to take matters into my own hands and create one of my own.



Finger nail clippers!


Stitch by stitch I clipped each thread to open up those little pockets.






Keepin’ it real.




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I am here for the next week:







Sunset Beach, NC.


No projects this week. I thought about brining my sewing machine but didn’t know how that would work out on the plane. It’s kind of bulky. Oh well! I’ll be refreshed for when we get back home.


I ♥ the beach



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