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Vacation Seam Ripper

I love my sisters. I have two of them. One of them is married and used to live right across the street from me. We’d have dinners together, go to the pool together, and borrow clothes from each other. The latter was something that happened quite often.


Right before my husband and I left for vacation I went to her place to stack up on some clothes I could take with me. This was probably be one of the last times I walk across the street to rummage through her closet. 😦


I ended up borrowing a cute pair of J.Crew plaid shorts. I put them on this week and noticed that the pockets were stitched close. Jill, how could you go on with life and have the pockets closed?!


I took matters into my own hands. I needed those pockets to be open to carry the one bobby pin I always carry incase my bangs get out of control.


I did not travel with a seam ripper. I had to take matters into my own hands and create one of my own.



Finger nail clippers!


Stitch by stitch I clipped each thread to open up those little pockets.






Keepin’ it real.




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I am here for the next week:







Sunset Beach, NC.


No projects this week. I thought about brining my sewing machine but didn’t know how that would work out on the plane. It’s kind of bulky. Oh well! I’ll be refreshed for when we get back home.


I ♥ the beach



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Put me in the Zoo…

Please, you have to check out this latest post from MADE.


I nanny for a little 3 1/2 yr boy.

I’ve been his nanny for the last year and half (going on 2).

He brings joy to my heart.

I am moving in two weeks and I’m going to miss him terribly.

I heard him singing a new song today.

“I got a feeling…that tonight’s going to a good night, that tonight’s going to be a good, good night…”

Yes. My little 3.5 yr old boy was singing Black Eyed Peas. It was the cutest thing ever. I even searched the song on You Tube and he came running over, sat on my lap, and sang pretty much the entire song. Not word for word because he is just 3 but he got all the main verses down.  I was laughing hysterically.


Oh, so back to the MADE post. I just went to her site and saw this. This was one of my little guys favorite books ever. I could recite it by heart for as many times as I have read it.

It made me smile. The outfits she made were terribly cute. And, yes, I even got a little emotional as I was reminiscing our time together.


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Rosette Pin: Tutorial

You’ll see these little pins all over in the craft blog world. Here’s the inside scoop on how to make the Rosette.


Turn it into a pin and you can pretty much do anything with it!


To start of you need to cut a piece of fabric that is about 4″ wide.

It can be whatever length you want. The longer it is, the bigger your flower.



You also need to cut out a piece of felt about 3″ in diameter or so.



If you were making this with a thinner piece of fabric you would want to tie a knot at the end.

I was using thicker fabric here so I just kind of folded the end up. This will act as the center of your flower. I added a dollop of hot glue to keep it in place.



Once you have that you just want to keep wrapping and twisting the fabric around the knot, or center of flower.



When you have the rosette all rolled up, hold it with one hand while you use your hot glue gun to add glue to your piece of felt.

I just made a circle with the glue.



Quickly add the rosette to your felt and let dry.



Here ya go! A cute little new rosette!






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I hate the sound of the sewing machine at 12:15 in the AM.




I love the sound of a sewing machine at 10:15 in the AM.


Even when I might get frustrated that I’m still up past midnight sewing, I will always wake up excited to finish my project the next morning.


Here is my new serger:



And a few fall-ish LOVES…courtesy of Etsy.com


You will probably see this re-created on my blog soon. Love it.



I love this print. I would probably buy this in a lime green color because, well,  that’s the color mixer I have! Perfect for your kitchen.



And this is just kind of cute! Perfect for fall!



Rosette Pin tutorial coming later!

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I made it on MYC

Check out Mandy’s Yellow Corner to see my dress I made on her blog!




Thanks Mandy!


Oh, and in other news…I GOT A SERGER!

I was thrilled when I opened up the nicely wrapped box.  You see, my husband and I are moving out east in a couple of weeks and my parents wanted to send me off in style.


Now all my little creations will look even more professional. Sweet!


Thank you mom and dad! One of the top gifts ever (along w/ my bosu, p90x and juicer) you guys are the best!


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The Winner is…

Comment 19!

Charlise says:

these are so cute. you should totally give me the vintage polka dot one. I would represent you well”

and comment 27!


Lauren Cox says

“My favorite’s are the green and purple ones! Because I am thinking they might be my wedding colors Also my favorite thing about fall is drinking hot apple cider and eating caramel apples! Cute blog!”


congratulations ladies!


WINNERS: Please e-mail me your home address so I can mail out your prize!


Thank you everyone who entered in my FIRST blog giveaway!


I had so much fun reading everyone’s comments…especially the one’s involving FALL!


I chose the winners with the random integer tool from random.org.


For those who didn’t win…don’t worry! I’m putting together a quick little tutorial to show you how to make them. They are super easy and the post should be up later this week!



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