A Thankful Christmas

This Christmas my family and I are doing homemade gifts for each other. We’re also celebrating Christmas over Thanksgiving, thus a “thankful Christmas!” My husband and I will be traveling back to Indiana in just a few days and until then I’m staying busy finishing up my gifts. Did I procrastinate a bit? Sure! But most people say they do their best work when they procrastinate and I guess I’m one of those people too ūüôā

I can’t wait to share my projects! I’m super excited about one of them in particular!

See ya soon!


The French Knot


In highschool, I took a sewing class my senior year. I loved it! I made a hideous bandana style tank top/ halter, a button down shirt out of ugly sea-foam green fabric and (the one thing I still have and use) a pin cushion with an attached scrap bag. Over the summer I went to our local fabric shop and ran into my old sewing teacher. I told her I started sewing more and she was thrilled.

One thing I remembered learning¬†from her¬†was how to make a french knot. All it is a fancy way to tie a knot at the of the thread but it¬†was my enemy.¬†I’ve tried¬†to remember¬†for the longest time¬†and I’ve had no luck. I picked up some sewing/craft books at the library and a few had directions on how to make¬†it but¬†it seemed like I was just reading a foreign language. It didn’t make sense. Finally, the other night, I was pretty darn determined to figure it out. I would not take “no” for an answer and ya know what?! I did it!





1. Thread your needle like you would normally do.


2. Then take the ends of the tread and place them behind the needle with a little extra left on top. Shown above.





3. Once you have the thread in place you are going to wrap the extra thread around the needle 2-3 times. This will create the knot.





4. Hold the thread in place, you might want to switch hands, and then pull the twisted thread (the knot) thru the back-end of the needle.





5. Continue to pull the knot down to the end of¬† the thread until it can’t move anymore.






6. You just created a french knot!



Even though a regular old knot would completely work it’s still nice to know how to make different variations!


Hopefully the directions are clear ūüôā



Re-Purposing Part I

¬†Who doesn’t love their¬†damp clothes to dry outside in the middle of the summer sun or¬†the autumn breeze? I do and so does my mother-in-law! Right as we moved out east one of the first things she asked me to do was to make a new clothes pin bag. The one she had was worn thin and¬†was years old. Another task she asked of me was to help rummage through her closet and get rid of old clothes. She got rid a lot of old teacher sweaters, you know, the kind¬†with holiday¬†appliques all over it…that just scream “teacher?”

She knew she needed to give them away¬†and I guess I was just the¬†person to help. ūüôā

Clothes pin bags and teacher sweaters have a correlation.

Let me continue, I found an old jean jacket that screamed “teacher” from my MIL¬†closet. She mentioned that this would be good material for her new clothes pin bag. I agreed.

¬†We’re re-purposing here, people.



Isn’t it great!?


Here is what the old clothes pin bag looked like.



A great way to figure out how something is made is by taking it apart! That’s just what I did. I created a pattern from the old bag and used the back side of the jean jacket for the fabric.




I wanted to make a more unique flower but this one was quick and easy!






Monday¬†I went traveling through western Maryland and Pennsylvania¬†with my husband and his parents.¬†We toured¬†one of the most famous homes¬†that¬†Frank Lloyd Wright built, Fallingwater,¬†in¬†Mill Run, PA. If you ever get the chance to go on this tour…I’d highly reccommend it!


Frank Lloyd Wright built this infamous home for the Kaufmann family in 1935. The home was to be a¬†vacation “mountain cabin” for the family. This “cabin” turned into¬†a main house, a guest house, a 4 car port covering, and a¬†maid/butler service living quarter. The original budget for the home was to be about $40,000 but¬†with the growing size of the home, the budget quickly grew to about 4x that much and roughly cost $160,000 to complete. Today that’s equivelant to about a 2.5 million dollar vacation home.




¬†Frank Lloyd Wright has always been one of my favorites. He did it all:¬† architect, interior designer, writer, and educator. He designed either 22 or 69 pieces of furniture in this home. Ha,¬†I know¬†that’s a big difference between the numbers but I can’t seem to remember ūüôā ¬†Either way, there was a lot of built-in¬†cantilever¬†furniture throughout the home and it was beautiful.

Sorry, no pictures were allowed inside the home. However, there was this beautiful lamp located in the master bedroom that I just fell in love with.



A origianl Green Lotus Tiffany Lamp.   









The picture above is showing a set of stairs that lead into the Bear Run River which is apart of the “fallingwater” water fall you’ll see shortly. Mrs. Kaufmann was known to walk down these steps everyday and sit at the edge with her feet dangling in the water.





This is the main entrance we used to enter the home. I love the horizontal lines.


These next few pictures speak for themselves.






We went at the most perfect time of year. The leaves were changing and the air was crisp.

¬†Perfect to enjoy God’s beauty.



I’ve been Featured!


Two blog posts in one day! Who am I?!


¬†The other day I noticed I was getting a few more¬†blog views and it made me smile….thank you so much¬†for reading!


I really enjoy sharing my projects ūüôā


Here are a couple of great craft¬†blogs that I’ve been featured on…








A Glimpse Inside featured button 



So much fun! Thanks for featuring me and thanks again for reading!




Yellow Walls Make Me Happy


So, I was browsing over at MADE this morning and came across this picture from Our Hartbeat and I about fell off my chair. At the moment my husband and I are setting up shop at my in-laws until we can find a place of our own but once we get that place of our own this is the exact vision I have for our space. I love the colors and the simplicity, the freshness and the character. They all come together to create a unique home.


See for yourself:





I swear I had almost the same exact green chair in college. I got it from GoodWill. I so wish I would have kept it.





I absolutely love the aqua/teal dresser in their dinning room! It looks great up against the bright yellow walls.





This is a¬†great idea with the frames and “thankful” banner all put together. It brings a smile to my face ūüôā


Check our their blog Our Hartbeat.


Happy Friday!




Vintage Mug

I don’t have a new craft but don’t sign 3125 off just yet. ¬†They are-a-coming!

*I promise*

What I do have for you is a very cute mug I found at my in-laws.





It’s¬†a perfect¬†for a small cup of coffee¬†in the early morning.

It’s fun finding vintage dishware in places you wouldn’t have thought! I wish they had a whole set of these suckers…love them!¬†

¬†Check back later in the week to see what else I’ve found ūüôā